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About Nadia

Nadia Harper is a professional makeup artist based in Brighton, covering Sussex, Surrey, London and the South East. With buckets of experience in bridal makeup, prom looks, high fashion and influencer glam, she’s now been working in all parts of the industry for more than eight years (which is still a little hard for her to believe!).

In her time as an artist Nadia’s worked with hundreds of brides on finding their perfect wedding makeup - each absolutely as special and personal as the last, of course! - as well as covering nine seasons of London and Paris Fashion weeks, with key artists and shows including Val Garland and Alexander McQueen. She’s worked with award nominees at the BAFTAs, helped with the Look Good Feel Better charity, and in her six years at MAC trained hundreds of up and coming artists as they came into the industry.

Above all though, Nadia loves, loves, loves making people feel their absolute best. Helping people feel confident is the reason she got into makeup, and she holds the classic MAC motto - All Sexes, All Ages, All Races - especially close to her heart.

A quick bit from me!

I started getting into makeup for the same reasons we all did, I think! I loved it, and still do, because of how it makes me feel.

Makeup to me is very therapeutic, like a long shower or a cup of tea after a tough day. When I’m not in a rush - which is less often than I’d like! - I love to sit down and make a proper thing out of putting my makeup on, like my own little spa treatment, as silly as that sounds! And that’s really what I try my best to make it feel like for you: getting your makeup done should feel like a treat. It’s about spoiling yourself and feeling properly relaxed, comfortable, confident, and above all completely like yourself.

Away from makeup, I’m a proper foodie (if you’re in Brighton and want some recommendations just ask - if you don’t mind me talking your ear off!) and I have a massive weakness for good coffee and a slice of cake. I also love a bit of yoga when I have the time, even if it’s a cliché, and I’m always on the hunt for a good podcast or TV show, so tell me if you’ve got recommendations of your own! I think family is the most important thing in the world, too, which is probably why weddings still always feel so special, and why I still feel so lucky to be there on so many brides’ big days.

I pride myself on being able to work on any face, for any occasion, so whatever the request I’d absolutely love to hear from you.

NH x